Those involved in Sports frequently suffer head injuries. A head injury may be minor bump or a significant brain injury. Any injury to the scalp, skull, or brain is categorized as head traumatic injury. If the injury is severe, the injury may result to psychological impairment, permanent disability, brain injury traumatic brain injury or TBI, or even death. Immediate medical attention is required when someone suffers head injuries. This is especially true when the victim shows symptoms of severe headache, vomits, or is understanding. Inability to move, issues with vision and speech, and bleeding from the nose or ear are also emergency signs that you call medical assistance. If the victim is a child, constant crying is a sign that there is something wrong so you want to call 911 immediately.

Brain Injuries

Whether the injury occurred due to sports or because of a fall or automobile crash, further damage to the mind ought to be prevented. Avoid moving the individual, especially his mind unless there is a need to do this like when the individual’s airway is blocked. Any unnecessary motion can cause additional damage to the individual. When the person is unconscious, do chest compressions only.  Apply dressings straight to the cuts to control bleeding.  Apply ice for at least 20 minutes every two to four hours when there is swelling.  When the symptoms mentioned previously appear on the individual, such as irritability or restlessness and worsening headache, see a physician immediately. Do not leave the individual alone and check on him every 2 hours for alertness. Look for indications of new symptoms.

Avoid washing the wound Avoid shaking or moving the person do not remove the helmet of the individual with the injury do not pick up the individual with head injury. Ask a Man to stay with the patient. Keep within easy access medical and telephone aid especially within 48 hours following the injury. Have tons of rest. In the event you or someone you know suffers from this sort of injury, be certain you call for help if some of the symptoms mentioned previously are observed. Info about traumatic brain injuries are seen at Move to Improve Foundation and check this link He started his entrepreneurial Experiences as a student in the University of Southern California, where he pursued a Bachelor of Science degree in Entrepreneurship and Business Administration.